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About Stu Magid & American Fidelity Mortgage Services

About Stu Magid & American Fidelity Mortgage Services

Stu Magid

After completing military service Stu Magid earned a finance degree from Loyola University in Chicago, IL and began his mortgage career in 1995.

A professional with over 25 years of experience helping clients purchase and refinance their homes, Stu’s business philosophy is simple; the client comes first!

Putting the needs of his clients first means not only providing the best rates and mortgage programs available but also offering alternatives, being available to answer questions, and above all being transparent and upfront in every aspect of their transactions.

Strong Reputation Build Over 40 Years

Stu Magid and American Fidelity Mortgage Services are here to serve home buyers, homeowners, and builders in our local Wheaton and the rest of Illinois, plus Florida and Wisconsin.

Over the last 40 years, AFMSI has built a strong reputation as an outstanding mortgage lender serving the needs of homeowners, home buyers, real estate professionals and builders, and individuals throughout the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida.

American Fidelity Mortgage Services is a full-service mortgage lender with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending…from purchase to refinance to construction lending. AFMSI is a VA mortgage broker and proudly serves veterans in IL, WI, and FL.

We have access to a full range of mortgage resources and all of our lending specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan with the best rates, terms, and costs to meet your unique needs. But that’s just the beginning of our service. Throughout the lending process, we provide regular loan updates and progress reports so you always know the status of your loan.